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Wrestling Great: Dick Beyer / The Destroyer / Doctor X – December, 2010

SAMSUNGWrestling Champion / NCAA SU college star Dick Beyer / The Destroyer / Doctor X December, 2010. Mr. Beyer schooled the promoter and fans alike with some basic Japanese lingo such us “Destroyer ichiban” which means he is number one. Some great stories from football at Syracuse football to present day movies about Ernie Davis – what a treat for Rochester fans.

TV Wrestling Champs: Mick Foley & Domenic DeNucci – September, 2009

FOLEYTV Wrestling Champs: (Mickey Foley Jr), Mick Foley and Domenic DeNucci September, 2009. Mick Foley not only was humbled to sign with his mentor DeNucci, but he suprised all who attended when he walked in with Mickey Jr. who stole the show when he performed “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” by flapping his arm with his hand under his armpit. GREAT stories were told by both brawlers about great careers.